Fall Sports

  • JV Girl’s Volleyball:  Open to all rising 6th-10th grade girls.
  • Varsity Boy’s Soccer: Open to all rising 7th-11th grade boys.

Winter Sports

  • JV Girl’s Basketball:  Open to all  6th-10th grade girls.
  • JV Boy’s Basketball:  Open to all  6th-10th grade boys.
  • JV Cheer:  Open to all 6th-10th grade girls.

Spring Sports

  • Cross Country:  Open to all current 6th- 12th grade boys and girls.
  • JV Boy’s Volleyball:  Open to all current 6th-10th grade boys.


In 2020 Parkway Christian Academy launched its first year of Panther Athletics. We have been so excited to grow and add more sports for our students to be involved in! As our program grows, many great opportunities come our way, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

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